Commentary on Jeff Belanger’s book – The Ghost Files – Paranormal Encounters, Discussion, and Research

                                         Jeff Belanger is no stranger to the world of paranormal phenomena.  He is not only an author of numerous books on the subject but also happens to be the founder of,  purported to be the most popular paranormal website extant.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff in April of 2009 during a TAPS “Beyond Reality Event” at the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire.  I found him to be personable and intelligent yet surprisingly humble.  I enjoyed our chat following one of his presentations and promised to buy at least one of his books. 

    Needless to say I have read 4 of  Jeff’s books since we met including the one I’ve just completed, and the subject of this commentary:   THE GHOST FILES  Paranormal Encounters, Discussion, and Research. Copyright 2007.

     I found this book entertaining, interesting and informative to say the least and I could have probably read all 200 + pages in one sitting but chose to make it last.   The content of the book adequately supports the title.  If you’re like me,  then it seems you are never satiated when it comes to reading about people’s personal encounters with the ‘other side’ and Belanger includes plenty of these subjective occurrences!  Selected from the archives of, Jeff recounts the personal experiences pretty much verbatim with little if any editing adding a bit of insight or food for thought at the end of each.  Belanger also includes chapters on a wide variety of topics such as psychics and spirit communication to name just a few,  including some history on their origins and evolution.  He occasionally intersperses some personal encounters in these chapters to supplement the particular subject.

Although Belanger’s GHOST FILES offers no groundbreaking methodologies or new research in the area of paranormal phenomena and I would list it under the genre of ‘Paranormal Fast Food,’ it does provide a good, entertaining read for the ‘paranormal junkie’  who enjoys reading about personal encounters and general paranormal subject matter.   I found it a pleasurable read and I also read research papers and books on Quantum Theory.

    So if you want an interesting and entertaining read without having a PH.D. and a Thesaurus at your fingertips, definitely get yourself a copy of Jeff Belanger’s THE GHOST FILES …  As with the other books I’ve read by Jeff–I wasn’t disappointed. ~ JJA


One Response to “Commentary on Jeff Belanger’s book – The Ghost Files – Paranormal Encounters, Discussion, and Research”

  1. I agree with you on this book! A must have book on your paranormal book shelf

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