Commentary on HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS A Practical Guide by Joshua P. Warren



      You’ve finally decided  you’d like to go find some ghosts but  need some basic pointers on paranormal investigation including what equipment you might want to bring along, and oh,  how about a good explanation of just what an entity is?  Well just grab your copy of HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS -A Practical Guide by Joshua P. Warren and you’ll be ready to conquer any haunted house or  apparition filled prison, well…partly.  In my humble opinion, the written word is no substitute for actual physical participation in a paranormal investigation with an experienced team or individual, but that’s another article for another time.

     HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS et al copyright 2003 is the creation of Joshua P. Warren.  Warren is the founder and president of L.E.M.U.R.  a paranormal research team and has made numerous appearances on TV and radio networks.  Unlike the authors of the other paranormal books I’ve reviewed, I have never met or spoken with Mr. Warren.

     The contents of the book adequately support the title.  The book is layed out in two sections.  The first section touches on everything from entities to naturals in addition  to a wide range of  paranormal phenomena and terminology  and Warren convincingly presents all topics in a balanced fashion for the most part.  His commentary and analysis go a bit deeper than just superficial explanations and this presents for an interesting, informative read.

     The second and final section of HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS deals with the ‘Whys, Wheres, and Whats’ of ghost hunting including something on just about every common piece of para-equipment extant.  Joshua continues on with the logistics of an investigation and some pointers on strategies if  you in fact,  find paranormal activity.  Last but not least Warren cleverly includes examples of a “Ghost Research Log, and an Interview Form for Owner/Resident in the appendices and a list of “Equipment Resources.”

     Overall HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS – A Practical Guide would be a welcome addition to any novice  para-investigator’s library.  However I must caution the reader that Warren makes a few controversial statements which are a bit biased and which some readers may take offense to:

[1] He lends a somewhat more credence to orbs than is currently fashionable.

[2] He asserts that it is perfectly ethical to charge for services (investigations) as long as payment does not influence the integrity of the work.

[3] He states that: “…many professional psychics are frauds.”

     If you can get past a little biased thinking the book is a good primer for the beginning paranormal investigator. ~JJA

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